About PolyMix

PolyMix bonding solution is a modern answer to any specific adhesive application in the automotive repair market. Car manufacturers are using plastic and composite materials to reduce the vehicles weight, reduce fuel consumption and increase safety. The automotive repair aftermarket has to adopt new repair methods for modern vehicles using new tools and new materials to repair in a professional and competitive way. Generally speaking in the automotive market, adhesives and repair materials are used to repair plastics or to bond parts. PolyMix bonding solutions has a large range of adhesives all designed on the two-part urethane technology, to ensure high quality repairs in the collision repair market. All adhesives are available in 50ml and 200ml and range of working time from 35 seconds to 15 minutes.

PolyMix skim coat, the latest innovative product, is perfect for cosmetic repair of scratches or other minor imperfections on any type of plastic. Skim coat is available in 50ml and 200ml with either 1 or 3 minute working time. 

PolyMix seam sealers are available in 5 different formulations to fulfill any specific sealing requirement. They are specially designed to easily reproduce the OEM seam sealer design and effect. The seam sealers are available in 50ml and 200ml with a 15 minute working time.

PolyMix foams are expanding foams which are 99.9% closed cell with different densities to be used to fill cavities, reduce vibrations, soundproof an area or recreate the original part. The foams are available in 50ml and 200ml and have a 1 minute working time.

PolyMix metal panel bonding adhesives are used to bond steel and aluminum. Primer is not required on any metal type. The metal bond is available in 200ml and either 20 minute or 1 hour working time.

PolyMix products include accessories - dispenser guns, static mixer tips, etc. PolyMix Products bonding adhesives, skim coats, foam, seam sealers and repair chemicals are imported by Robaina Direct LLC.